The City of Good Neighbors

Special Emergency Board Meeting March 17th, 2020

President/ Mayor Michael Suarez called the meeting to order.

Clerk Richard Ramirez recorded attendances. The following were in attendance: Trustees: David Suarez, Raul Munoz, Robert Belba, Michael Fiudo and Charles Arriola. Trustee Guadalupe Hernandez was absent. Also, in attendance were; Treasurer Juan Mena, Police Chief/Administrator, Scott Penny, Fire Chief Robert Allen and Public Works Director Roger Juenger.

Mayor Suarez called for the Special Emergency Meeting in response to the governor of Illinois is asking local government to follow state protocol regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The governor is suggesting having meetings on line or not at all. The mayor asked those present for input.

It was agreed to proceed with the Wednesday, March 18, 2020 meeting making it as simple as possible. It was also agreed to cancel the April, 2020 board meetings. There was some discussion regarding details such as, occupancy permits, building permits and business license applications. The mayor also touched on the fact of the schools being shut down and kids in the streets. State parks have been shut down, the questions of shutting down village parks arose.

The mayor is suspecting the shut downs to continue through the month of April, if not longer.

There was also discussion regarding the gym. It was agreed the gym be shut down also through April.

Trash pick up was also discussed. It was agreed limitations be made by the street department. It was agreed to limit trash pick up to Monday and Friday and eliminate junk pick up. The street department will get the necessary work done, be released and be on call for emergency. The village annex was also discussed, along with police and fire limitations.

There was a lengthy discussion concerning hours of operation, tows, occupancy and the risks involved in the current practices. It was agreed the door be locked at the annex and appointments be made for various transactions.

Mayor Suarez reported the police department has volunteered to participate in the lunch distributions program Governor Pritzker has approved for funding. Details were discussed and the street department workers will also participate in the distribution. Unit #10 School District is also participating in the program. The distribution will come out of the Gateway Center in Collinsville.

The mayor also brought up the restaurant limitations and food trucks. It was agreed all of the food sales need to be treated the same way. Eating on the parking lots after carry out should also be controlled. The Library is also closed but books can be picked up via on line request.

The mayor asked Administrator Penny to put together a resolution outlining the agreed upon measures to present at tomorrow night’s meeting.


With that, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Charles Arriola and seconded by Raul Munoz. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; and Charles Arriola, yes. Trustee Guadalupe Hernandez was absent. Motion Passed

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Richard D. Ramirez
Village Clerk
March 17, 2020