The City of Good Neighbors

Fairmont City, Caseyville, Brooklyn Enterprise Zone Meeting April 3, 2019

A majority of the Mayors of the Political Entities which are members of the Fairmont City,
Caseyville, Brooklyn Enterprise Zone are calling for a meeting.
This meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 1 0:00AM. The meeting will be held at:

Village Hall Annex Building
2568 N. 4 P1 Street
Suite C (Cookson Road Entrance)
Fairmont City, Illinois
(This is directly across from the Village Hall)

The meeting is handicapped accessible and open to the public.
All interested persons are invited to attend and participate.
Scott E. Penny
Enterprise Zone Administrator

APRIL 3, 2019

Opening – Roll Call
Selection of Chairperson for Meeting
Selection of Enterprise Zone Administrator 2019-2020
Accept and Approve Minutes of May 4, 2016
Review Exhibit 1, Spreadsheet of Applications
Review Bank Reconciliations and Cash on Hand
Review Statistics by Community
Review Reissue/ Expired Certifications
New Business
Discussion for Possible Motion to Change Expired Certificate Renewal Fee
Discussion for Possible Motion to Distribute Collected Fees
Board Member Discussion
Public Comments
Schedule of next Meeting