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Board Meeting Minutes September 18th, 2019

After an opening prayer and pledge of allegiance, President Michael Suarez called the meeting to order.

Clerk Richard Ramirez recorded attendance. The following were in attendance: Trustees: David Suarez, Guadalupe Hernandez, Raul Munoz, Robert Belba, Michael Fiudo and Charles Arriola. Also, in attendance were Treasurer Juan Mena, Police Chief/Administrator, Scott Penny, Fire Chief Robert Allen and Public Works Director Roger Juenger.

The motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting of September 4, 2019 was made by Guadalupe Hernandez and seconded by Raul Munoz. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez , yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, pass; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Mena presented the financial reports for the month of August, 2019 with a brief explanation.

Clerk’s Report

Old Business

Clerk Ramirez presented a Business License Application, A2Z Furniture, 3380 Kingshighway, Amiee Ward, Owner.

The applicant was not present once again. Fire Chief Allen reported he had spoken with

the owner of the building who has also been frustrated with progress. Mayor Suarez decided to remove the item from future agendas until the owner and operator can agree.

The clerk presented a Business License Application, Los Reyes Entertainment, LLC, OBA- Taqueria Los Reyes, 5903 Collinsville Road, a Restaurant, Jose Solis Meza Manager. Mr. Meza asked for assistance from Guadalupe Hernandez to interpret. Ms. Hernandez reported Mr. Meza wanted to thank the fire chief, police chief and the board of trustees for their patience and cooperation in attaining a license. The owner is awaiting a final inspection from the East Side Health District.

The question of alcohol was raised and Mr. Meza reported he has no intention of

bringing alcohol to the menu nor will allow customers to bring it in. He is aware of the reputation the previous businesses have left behind. He is intent on winning the trust of the village and his customers in operating a legitimate restaurant.

The motion was made by David Suarez and seconded by Guadalupe Hernandez to approve the Business License Application, Los Reyes Entertainment, LLC, OBA- Taqueria Los Reyes, 5903 Collinsville Road, a Restaurant, Jose Solis Meza Manager, pending final inspection of the East Side Health District. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

New Business

Under New Business Clerk Ramirez presented the Vacation and Realignment of Alley with Mississippi Valley Library District.

Administrator Penny explained the existing alleyway behind the library actually runs underneath the building. In an attempt to correct the situation, the library has initiated communication with the neighboring land owner to swap property to move the alleyway. Mr. Penny reported since the proposal was presented the land owner has had a change of mind and presented a new idea.

Therefore, Mayor Suarez tabled the item.

Report of Police Chief/ Administrator

Chief Penny explained to the board there are two 2011 Crown Victoria Fords in his fleet in poor condition. He would like to trade the cars in for two 2020 Ford Interceptors, in the amount of $38,200.00 each. Mayor Suarez tabled the item for a financial review.

Report of Zoning Administrator – No Report

Report of Fire Chief

Fire Chief Allen reminded those present the Vendor Showcase will take place here at the Community Center on Thursday, September 26, 2019 from 5:00pm until 8:00pm. The chief encouraged those present to attend.

Report of the Public Works Director

Public Works Director Juenger reported the re-lining of the sewer on 45th to Cookson started today. The company wanted to come out on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 9:00pm to start the lining, which has to cure at a certain temperature for 8-10 hours. The bar owner at the corner of Cookson and 45th, asked the director to re-schedule due to Thursday being a busy day there. The director agreed to ask the company to deter.

The director also reported the cameras revealed 15 unused tap-ins from residences which no longer exists. He has instructed the company not to worry with cutting them in.

Committee Reports

Police/Public Safety-Chair- Charles Arriola

Mr. Arriola asked the police chief if the cars he is requesting are standard police issue. Chief Penny reported they are, in fact, the latest police issue vehicle.

Economic/Finance, Development, Planning, and Tourism – Chair – Michael Fiudo – No Report

Fire Protection – Chair – Robert Belba, Sr.

Trustee Robert Belba wanted to commend the police department in apprehending five persons who had been entering parked vehicles and thieving content in the village. The chief reported two felony crimes that occurred in Fairview Heights were also solved as a result of the arrests.

Community Relations & Communications – Chair – Raul Munoz – No Report

Public Health & Housing – Chair- Guadalupe Hernandez – No Report

Streets, Sewers, Grounds, Building & Parks – David Suarez

Trustee Suarez asked Chief Penny if there is anything the village can do regarding the stench coming from the ditch that belongs to the railroad at the south end of Granby Park.

The chief reported he has talked to the village attorney and there is nothing we can legally do.  The railroad has a specific legal position that will not allow any other entity to impose on it. There was a discussion concerning alternatives. The public works director reported his efforts to assist in the drainage process, which is the problem.

It was agreed to investigate the problem with the Environmental Protection Agency.

President’s Report

Mayor Suarez presented an ordinance regarding golf cart and ATV usage from the Village of Millstadt. The mayor asked the board members to review the example for changes that may be appropriate to the Village of Fairmont City. The mayor will have the corrected ordinance on the agenda for the meeting of October 2, 2019.

Mayor Suarez reported the notice of a special meeting to be held on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 7:00pm has been posted. The meeting is being held due to a deadline to pass an ordinance allowing the village to tax the sale of marijuana, which will be legal as of January, 2020. Mayor Suarez learned of the deadline since the agenda for tonight’s meeting had been posted. The deadline is September 30, 2019 for the sales taxing ordinance.

A zoning ordinance will also be necessary to designate the sale, growth, distribution and other aspects of the new law. A draft of this ordinance will also be presented at the special meeting, although, cannot be passed. The zoning ordinance will require a publication and review by the zoning board, which has not taken place, prior to board approval. There is no deadline regarding the zoning ordinance.

Public Comment – No Public Comment

Municipal Bills

The motion to approve payment of the bills as presented in the amount of $9,653.83 was made by Guadalupe Hernandez and seconded by David Suarez. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed


With that, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Raul Munoz and seconded by Charles Arriola. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Richard D. Ramirez Village Clerk
September 18, 2019


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