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Board Meeting Minutes July 17th, 2019

After an opening prayer and pledge of allegiance, President Michael Suarez called the meeting to order.

Clerk Richard Ramirez recorded attendance. The following were in attendance: Trustees: David Suarez, Guadalupe Hernandez, Raul Munoz, Robert Belba, Michael Fiudo and Charles Arriola. Also, in attendance were; Police Chief/Administrator, Scott Penny, Fire Chief Robert Allen and Public Works Director Roger Juenger.

The motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting of July 3, 2019 was made by Robert Belba and seconded by Charles Arriola. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Mena reported the St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department will be hosting the annual Housing Rehabilitation Program. The program is designed to help low income home owners to repair interior and exterior systems that threaten the health or safety of occupants. This includes electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling systems, roofing, painting, windows and doors.

Pre-application is necessary and request can by made by phone only on Monday, August 5 through Friday, August 9 of 2019 between the hours of 9:00am and 4: pm. The treasurer and Fire Chief/County Board member Robert Allen encouraged those present to get the word out to Fairmont City residents.

The treasurer presented the financial report for the month of June, 2019 with a brief summary. The outstanding expenditure in June was the replacement of the sewer pump at 62nd and Drummond in the amount of $26,000.00.

Clerk’s Report

Clerk Ramirez announced the opening of the bids received for the “Proposal-Sale of Real Property”. Thirteen properties were available. Ten sealed bids were received. Mr. Ramirez open each bid and read its content. Treasurer Mena, and Mayor Suarez were recording the bids. The following bids were accepted and intended usage noted:

  1. 2518 N 31st STREET (02-08.0-204-030) Pablo Orozco $2,100, address 3100 Collinsville Rd, (future new home)
  2. 3218 MAPLE (02-08.0-205-041 & 02-08.0-205-042) Carlos Lizana and Ana R Romero-Lizana, $2,527, address 2700 N 37th , (new home)
  3. 3816 MAPLE (02-09.0-103-065) Orlin Cordova, $850, address 3814 Maple (addition to yard)
  4. 2740 N 42ND STREET (02-04.0-312-016) Sergio Urbina, $2,500, address 2734 N 42, (extend yard)
  5. 5340 MARYLAND AVENUE (02-04.0-404-049 & 02-04.0-404-050) Dave Derickson, $750, address 2860 N 45th Street, (extend current property owned)
  6. 5529 KINDER (02-03.0-303-054) Domingo Lopez $1,800, 5525 Kinder, (new home)
  7. 2560 N 42ND STREET (02-09.0-107-015) Gabriel and Laura Morales, $9,201, address 107 Hillside Court, Collinsville,62234, (new home)

The mayor congratulated the successful bidders and stated the paperwork will be forthcoming and the village attorney will be recording the deeds.

The clerk presented a Business License Application, Los Reyes Entertainment, LLC, OBA- Taqueria Los Reyes, 5903 Collinsville Road, a Restaurant, Jose Solis Meza Manager. As the applicant was not in attendance to question, Mayor Suarez tabled the item.

Clerk Ramirez presented a Business License Application, A2Z Furniture, 3380 Kingshighway, Amiee Ward, Owner. Again, the applicant was not in attendance and Mayor Suarez tabled the item.

Report of Police Chief/ Administrator

Chief Penny presented a report generated for the code enforcement program recently revised. The chief reported the department has sectioned the village streets and assigned an officer to each specific area. Mayor Suarez asked the chief to give a brief overview of the program since there was an audience in attendance due to the bid openings. The chief gave a brief explanation of the program, emphasizing the fact the department is sensitive to specific needs of the elderly and families with young children and does not wish to overburden any resident.

The goal is to get derelict vehicles off the streets and out of yards, get yards clear of trash, parking legally, and keep lawns cut and free of weeds. The department issues a warning that gives anywhere from 7 days to 30 to comply. Extensions are given generously and the street department is also available to provide trucks and other assistance. Individual complaints are sometimes received and the department is asking for the community’s patience.

A local business owner in attendance reported hearing complaints regarding police singling residents out. Chief Penny assured those present that is not the case. If a complaint is made to the chief or other officer in person, that complaint will be addressed, as requested

The chief agrees that what is good for one is good for all and asked that those complaining about being treated unfairly come see him. It is certainly not the intent to single any one person or household out. There have been a number of longtime and short time residents receiving notices mostly, for parking the wrong way. Other warnings exist due to a problem area that is noticeable either by a neighbor, police personnel or Street Department personnel.

Chief Penny asked the board to consider the expense of the 26th Annual Medicolegal Death and Homicide Investigation Conference, August 6-8, 2019, Fairview Heights, Illinois. The chief explained the conference is part of fulfilling a forty-hour training requirement by the Illinois Law Enforcement Police Officer Standards and Training Board. There was no objection.

The motion was made by Robert Belba and seconded by Charlie Arriola to approve the expense of attendance to the 26th Annual Medicolegal Death and Homicide Investigation Conference, August 6-8, 2019, Fairview Heights, Illinois, not to exceed $800.00. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

Chief Penny reported Scott Rose, who left the department for a higher paying job, has expressed interest in returning to the village department part time. The chief asked the board to consider reinstating Scott Rose as a probationary part-time police officer.

With no objection the motion was made by Raul Munoz and seconded by Charlie Arriola to approve hiring Scott Rose as a probationary part-time police officer. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

Report of Zoning Administrator – No Report

Report of Fire Chief

Fire Chief Allen reported his firefighters have updated their rehabilitation (cooling down) policies in the extreme heat the area has been experiencing. There have been 14 calls so far this month.

Mayor Suarez asked for an update on the trainees. The fire chief reported they are half way through and everyone has been doing well.

The mayor also asked about the Fireman’s Association BBQ/Raffle Fund Raiser, that was held on Saturday, July 13, 2019. The chief reported the event brought a profit of $1,800.00 and the association is in negotiations on what piece of equipment to purchase next.

Report of the Public Works Director

Public Works Director Juenger reported the sewer pump at 62nd and Drummond has been replaced. Maintenance has been serviced on the other pumps as well. Everything is now in order.

Committee Reports

Police/Public Safety-Chair- Charles Arriola

Trustee Arriola wanted to inform those present the Community Center is an official cooling center in the extreme heat being experienced in the area. The building is available from 9am-9pm everyday during the heat wave. Chief Allen furthered the center is listed on the St. Clair County Emergency Facilities list. The mayor added, should an event like a funeral luncheon (which happened this day) occur, the annex building and the city hall have conference rooms available as alternatives. The cooling center will be available when heat warnings are issued by the National Weather Service.

Economic/Finance, Development, Planning, and Tourism – Chair – Michael Fiudo – No Report

Fire Protection – Chair – Robert Belba, Sr. – No Report

Community Relations & Communications – Chair – Raul Munoz – No Report Public

Health & Housing – Chair- Guadalupe Hernandez – No Report

Streets, Sewers, Grounds, Building & Parks – David Suarez – No Report

President’s Report

The mayor reminded those present the Gateway Pet Guardian Clinic will be held August 17, 2019 on the lawn of Rose Lake Park from 10am-12pm. The group will be passing out flyers’ door to door before the event. Extra flyer copies are available at the village annex. A flyer is required to be able to participate in the free service. Dogs must be on leashes and cats must be in crates to be serviced.

Public Comment

A residence at attendance at a previous meeting who had a few complaints about fireworks and traffic was present. The resident reported the 4th of July fireworks were out of control. The police did show up to conclude production at 10pm.

The same resident asked for an update on a stop sign, dead end sign, or speed bumps for 60th Street. Chief Penny reported the department has been doing traffic surveys and nothing out of the ordinary has been recorded. The department is still doing the survey. There was further discussion regarding the usefulness of signs and speed bumps in the area.

Also, the resident had a complaint about the trash at the golf course at Kingshighway and Maryland blowing up against the boundaries of the residents’ property. Chief Penny agreed to send a notification to the manager of the golf course.

Another resident from 60th Street wanted to thank the police for their efforts. Their presence during these surveys has practically eliminated most of the violators. The resident also reported there is a stop sign on every other street at Drummond with the exception of 601h Street. The resident would like the village to reconsider an addition of a stop sign at 601h Street and Drummond.

There was additional discussion concerning fireworks with this resident who is a neighbor to the other resident with fireworks concerns.

The resident also wanted to thank the street department for assisting in cleaning up the over grown landscaping of which a code enforcement warning was received.

The resident also had concerns regarding the parking on 60th Street. Chief Penny admitted to the crowding but explained the department doesn’t ticket if the car is not blocking a driveway. This resident asked what the code for the village is for this type of parking. Chief reiterated the only law the village has is blocking the drive and no “footage” guide is written. Fire Chief Allen reported he is aware of the problem on the street and actively assesses a fire truck fitting between the parked cars on a daily basis.

A resident wanted to know when the Rose Lake Park Playground Project might be completed. Mayor Suarez reported weather permitting next week.

Another resident present asked when the testing siren goes off. The testing siren goes off the first Tuesday of each month at 10am. Fire Chief Allen reported the siren on the east side of town has been out of service due to a conflict with a new phone system.

The fire chief also went on to explain that the siren’s purpose is for out door notification only. If a person is out doors the siren is meant to let the person know to get to shelter. The chief suggested getting an indoor warning system to get a family up in the middle of the night when a tornado warning is issued.

A resident who requested a little library wanted to thank Roger Juenger for making it happen. Books were added to it just today.

A regular attendee to the meeting encouraged every one not just to use the library but to “check out”, books, videos, and other items available. It was recently learned that statistics are maintained by the number of constituents checking out items. This count is instrumental in keeping the library open.

This resident also had a question regarding the unsold properties from tonight’s bid opening. Will these properties remain available? The mayor reported they will be checking with the village lawyer on the matter.

Municipal Bills

The motion to approve payment of the bills as presented in the amount of $27,886.93 was made by Raul Munoz and seconded by Robert Belba. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed


With that, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Raul Munoz and seconded by Guadalupe Hernandez. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Raul Munoz, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Motion Passed

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Richard D. Ramirez
Village Clerk
July 17, 2019


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