The City of Good Neighbors

Board Meeting Minutes April 17th, 2019

President Michael Suarez called the meeting to order followed by the opening prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Clerk Richard Ramirez recorded attendance. The following were in attendance: Trustees: David Suarez, Guadalupe Hernandez, Robert Belba, Michael Fiudo and Charles Arriola. Trustee Raul Munoz was absent. Also, in attendance were; Treasurer Juan Mena, Fire Chief Robert Allen, Public Works Director Roger Juenger and Sally Rodriguez, Deputy Treasurer.

The motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting of April 03, 2019 was made by Robert Belba and seconded by Charles Arriola. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Trustee Raul Munoz was absent.
Motion Passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Mena presented the financial report for the month of March with a brief explanation.

Clerk’s Report – No Report

Report of Police Chief/ Administrator

Chief Penny asked Mayor Suarez to report in his absence. The chief wanted officials to be aware that the new part-time police academy recruits are in the next phase. Lucas Ward and James Hart will be riding along in the police cars for this phase of the training.

Report of Zoning Administrator – No Report

Report of Fire Chief

Chief Allen wanted to thank the board for approving the expense of the trip to Indiana for the Fire Department Instructors Conference. It was informative for the chief and the retired chief.

Chief Allen reported the 14 portable radios approved at a previous meeting are now in service. He is very pleased with the performance of the radios.

Report of the Public Works Director

Public Works Director Juenger reported the speed bumps around the Granby Park have been installed. He is waiting for speed limit signs (15mph) and speed bump warning signs to complete the traffic situation at the park.

Committee Reports

Police/Public Safety-Chair- Charles Arriola 

Trustee Arriola reported the Granby Park is in need of re-seeding. There was a discussion concerning the process. It was agreed to table the expense until the Maryland Avenue field is available for use and can be rotated with the Granby fields.

Economic/Finance, Development, Planning, and Tourism – Chair – Michael Fiudo – No Report

Fire Protection – Chair – Robert Belba, Sr. – No Report

Community Relations & Communications – Chair – Raul Munoz -Absent No Report

Public Health & Housing – Chair- Guadalupe Hernandez

Trustee Hernandez reported she has had a number of residents ask if there will be a clean up day during spring. Mayor Suarez reported not now, but definitely in the fall.

Streets, Sewers, Grounds, Building & Parks – David Suarez – No Report

President’s Report

Mayor Suarez discussed the Enterprise Zone meeting that was held on April 3, 2019. The Enterprise Zone bank account has $32, 148.41. The Village of Caseyville and the Village of Fairmont have been the communities taking advantage of the program. The Village of Brooklyn has yet to make an application. At the meeting those present agreed not to disperse any of the funds. The money will be there to cover any expenses, legal or otherwise, that may arise in the future.

The mayor shared a thank you card from the former owner of the Exxon Station on Collinsville Road, Jay Modi. Mr. Modi is moving to Georgia and has sold the business. He wanted to thank the village for all the cooperation he has received from the administration, police, fire, street department and other employees. He provided a check for $501.00 in hopes it could be used for parks. The mayor would like to ear mark the money to be used for a new sign for the Rose Lake Park Playground.

Mayor Suarez reported he will be attending the Metro East Economic Development Seminar to be held at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville on June 7, 2019. He asked if anyway would like to go to let him know and he will get them registered to attend.

Public Comment

Katie Heaton with the library attended the meeting to thank the village for their participation in the annual Easter event. The Home Depot has been participating in the event since it’s inception. They have small projects for the kids and use tickets to keep track. They serviced 613 children that day. Katie reported the event was the biggest yet.

Ms. Heaton wanted everyone to know how much of a pleasure it is working with the village and the Latino Round Table. She wrote an anonymous article regarding the cooperative efforts in Fairmont between the groups for the Illinois Library Association Reporter that was selected for publication. She had a copy to distribute to the board members.

Mayor Suarez thanked her for all the library does for the community.

Another resident present asked about the flea market application presented at the last meeting. Mayor Suarez reported it is still tabled.

Another resident present had a complaint regarding the upkeep of the village. A neighbor had a party last weekend and there is food debris, beer cans, and general trash still in the yard. There is also a mattress and a pile of tires in the back yard. The resident reported the problem at city hall on Monday, and the mess is still there. This resident typed up a report of the complaint and had a copy for each board member.

Mayor Suarez apologized and promised to get it taken care of, as he was unaware of the complaint. The mayor ensured the resident of the board’s commitment to improving the appearance of the community.

Municipal Bills

The motion to approve payment of the bills as presented in the amount of $15,973.30 was made by David Suarez and seconded by Charles Arriola. Roll Call Vote: Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charle Arriola, yes. Trustee Raul Munoz was absent.
Motion Passed.


With that, a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Charles Arriola and seconded by Guadalupe Hernandez. Roll Call Vote: David Suarez, yes; Guadalupe Hernandez, yes; Robert Belba, yes; Michael Fiudo, yes; Charles Arriola, yes. Trustee Raul Munoz was absent.
Motion Passed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted
Richard D. Ramirez
Village Clerk
April 17, 2019