The City of Good Neighbors

Board Meeting Agenda September 4th, 2019

Opening Prayer and pledge of allegiance to the flag

Roll Call

Minutes of Previous Meeting Report of Treasurer

Clerk’s Reports

Old Business

Business License Application, A2Z Furniture, 3380 Kingshighway, Amiee Ward, Owner.

Business License Application, Los Reyes Entertainment, LLC, OBA – Taqueria Los Reyes, 5903 Collinsville Road, a Restaurant, Jose Solis Meza Manager.

New Business

Building Permit Application, AT&T Mobility c/o Network Real Estate, 3619 Collinsville Road, Adding Antennas, Crown Castle Owner.

Report of Police Chief Report of Fire Chief

Report of Public Works Director

Committee Reports President’s Report Public Comment

Closed Executive Session

Request for Closed Executive Session Personnel

Bills Adjournment

Richard D Ramirez

Village Clerk


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