Board Meeting Agenda – March 06, 2019

Fairmont City Illinois Meeting Agenda – March 06, 2019

Opening Prayer and pledge of allegiance to the flag

Roll Call

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Report of Treasurer
Acceptance of Scheffel Boyle 3 year Audit Engagement

Clerk’s Reports

Old Business

Business License Application Mariscos SeaFood “El Najar”, 5606 Collinsville Road, Alejandro Najar Camacho, Owner.

Business License Application Fit Club New Me, 5903 Collinsville Road, Luz Maria Juarez, Owner.

New Business

St. Clair County IGD Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program Year2019 Public Facilities Grant Requesting the amount of $66,300.00 for Sanitary Sewer Improvements.

Resolution 2019-02, A Resolution of Support of the Application to the Community Development Block Grants Department for Funding the Cookson Sewer Rehabilitation Project.

Building Permit Application, No. 2019-02, 1139 State Route 3, National Stockyards Area of Fairmont City, Cell Tower Modification, Verizon Wireless Owner, Crown Castle USA, Inc., Contractor.

Building Permit Application, No. 2019-03, 3621 Collinsville Road, Thomas Garage, Cell Tower Modification, T-Mobile Owner, Crown Castle USA, Inc., Contractor.

Report of Police Chief/ Administrator
Establishing an Enterprise Renewal Fee

Report of Zoning Administrator

Report of Fire Chief

Report of Public Works Director

Committee Reports

President’s Report

Public Comment

Closed Executive Session
Request for Closed Executive Session Personnel



Richard D Ramirez
Village Clerk