The City of Good Neighbors

Fairmont City Zoning Board of Appeals

Stephanie Allen

Zoning Board Administrator

Mission Statement

The Fairmont City Zoning Board of Appeals works to insure the orderly and compatible development of land use throughout the Village.


The Fairmont City Zoning Board of Appeals enforces the Village Zoning Ordinance # 601, adopted on April 02, 2003.

The Board Consists of seven members, appointed to four year staggered terms, by the Mayor and Trustees. The current members are:

Name Term Ends
Sue Cantillon, Chair 05-04-2022
Tina Joaquin 05-07-2025
Josie Del Rio 05-06-2026
Cheryl Curtis 05-06-2026
Adriana Romo-Ornelas 05-07-2025
Jeff Hamilton 05-03-2023
Hector Gutierrez 05-03-2023

The Zoning Board will meet on the follwing dates:

1/25/2021 Agendas and Minutes
4/26/2021 Agendas and Minutes
7/26/2021 Agendas and Minutes
10/25/2021 Agendas and Minutes

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