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Instant Incentives for Smart Thermostats Now Available

ameren thermostat incentive

Save Energy and Save Money! Smart thermostats are available through the Instant Incentives Offering! Receive a $100 discount on a smart thermostat purchased through Instant Incentives from Ameren Illinois. This incentive will help you save energy and save money. Get started today! Visit to learn more and find a distributor.   Thermostat Model Retail… Continue reading Instant Incentives for Smart Thermostats Now Available

Sign up for CodeRED alerts

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CodeRED has come to Fairmont City. The CodeRED Community Emergency Alert system is used by the Emergency Communications Center to notify residents and businesses of critical situations and provide information regarding necessary actions. With this system, a specific geographic area can be selected to send messages to those within that area. You can register to… Continue reading Sign up for CodeRED alerts

Food Distribution November 21st, 2020

Food Distribution 11-21-20

There will be a food distribution on November 21st, 2020 at the Fairmont City Community Center, 4011 Cookson Rd while supplies last.

Ameren Illinois Resuming Normal Operations

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Recently, a joint agreement between the Illinois Commerce Comission, Illinois utilities, the Attorney General’s office, and consumer groups set a mutually agreed upon date for Illinois utilities to resume normal operations. In alignment with that agreement, the assessment of late fees resumed in July and service disconnections for non-payment will resume in September.

Program Year 2020 Moderate Housing Rehabilitation Program

The St. Clair County Intergovernmental Grants Department will be accepting pre-applications from resident homeowners to participate in the St. Clair County Community Development Block Grant Moderate Housing Rehabilitation Program.

This program is designed to address housing code violations. Funds will be used to repair interior and exterior systems that threaten the health or safety of occupants. This includes areas such as electrical, plumbing, heating systems, roofing, painting, windows and doors.