The City of Good Neighbors

Application for Business License

Application Guidelines

    1. The Business License Application may be filled out via our online form below (green button), or a pdf copy (red button) can be printed from this page, filled out, and either mailed or hand delivered to the Village Treasurer’s Office
      2568 N 41st Street, Suite C
      Faimont City, IL 62201
    2. There is a $50 fee to submit a Business License Application. Payment is accepted by check through the mail to the Treasurer’s Office address listed above, by cash, check, or card in-person at the Treasurer’s Office, or by card over the phone: 618-274-6306.
      Note: Treasurer’s Office hours are Monday through Friday 8AM to 4PM.
    3. A copy of a valid driver’s license or other identification is needed to complete the Application.
    4. Also, please provide any supporting document(s) associated with the application (for exmple health department certification for a restaurant application). Identification and supporting documents can be uploaded during the online Application process, by email to, or mailed to the Treasurer’s Office.
    5. Applications are reviewed at the city board meeting held ever first and third Wednesday of the month at the Community Center. The application must be submitted the Monday before the meeting to be included on the meeting agenda.
    6. The Board Meeting Agenda Form must also be completed once your Business License Application has been submitted.