The City of Good Neighbors

Application for Building Permit


All information must be completed on this Application. Applicants are encouraged to visit this office and every
assistance will be given in filling out this form. If possible, call 618-274-6306 for an appointment to avoid delays.
Application is hereby made for a BUILDING/DEMOLITION PERMIT AS REQUIRED under the Building and Zoning
Ordinances of the Village of Fairmont City, for the demolition, erection, moving, or alteration, and use of buildings
and premises. In the making this application, the applicant represents all the following statements, and any
attached maps and drawings, as a true description of the proposed new or altered uses and or buildings. The
applicant agrees that the permit applied for if granted, is issued on the representations made herein, and that any
permit issued may be revoked without notice on any breach of representations or conditions.