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Fairmont City is a Village in St. Clair and Madison counties, Illinois. In addition, Fairmont City takes pride in calling itself the city of good neighbors; we strive to create an outstanding way of life for our community. This is done by providing a well-protected community for our citizens to thrive in a place of history, culture and future expansion.

In the 1990s our Hispanic population doubled, and we now have the highest percentage of Hispanics in the entire St. Louis Metropolitan area, with 55% of our population having Hispanic descent. Along with this comes all the greatness of Hispanic culture, including some of the best Mexican food in the entire Midwestern United States.

Only about 5 minutes from the world-famous Gateway Arch of St. Louis, sunsets in Fairmont City often provide picturesque views of the arch and St. Louis skyline. Collinsville Road, once known as the National Road, runs the length of the village. Along this route there is an accumulation of vintage roadside Americana advertising signage that is unsurpassed in the area, including “Venture”, and “The Night Spot”. Collinsville Road supports, among other things, a NASCAR track, a gambling casino, a live horse racing track, and Cahokia Mounds.

National City, a former company town to the east of Fairmont City, dissolved in 1997 and was annexed by Fairmont City.

Fairmony City has a total area of 6.59 square miles (17.1 km2), of which 6.20 square miles (16.1 km2) (or 94.08%) is land.

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